Thursday, June 9, 2011

Knocking Down Sandcastles

Wanting to get a little more creative, I stumbled across awhile back and decided I wanted to try to get involved. Of course, I haven’t signed up for a contest yet (the deadline to sign up for next week’s is tomorrow night but I may wait another week) but I’m still giving it a shot, so to speak. I picked a random prompt off the week in review post and will let the creative juices flow.
Every groove was thoughtfully sculpted, every grain of sand is in its ideal location, everything about the sandcastle is sublime. It took us forever to make it this way, seemed like years to craft something so excellent.
I settled back onto my beach towel, feeling the warmth of the sand radiating from underneath the threadbare cloth, and watched the waves crash onto the shore.
Thank goodness we had the forethought to place our castle out of harms way. I remember your exact words about it.
“Back here, there’s no way the salty foam can touch it. We have nothing to worry about.”
I lifted my sunglasses and looked from you, to the sandcastle, back to you, and smiled. I felt a warmth of bliss flow over me.
You smiled back.
In that moment I saw something–just a glint of something in your eyes. I couldn’t place my finger on it at the time.
You sat up and, with all your might, smashed your fist through our perfect sandcastle. And just like that, the warm bliss I felt before ebbed away.
I scanned the rest of the beach and identified the scattered remains of our other attempts.
I watched you walk away. You showed no remorse and you never looked back.

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